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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Kobani and other key issues in Middle East- Current outlook

I have a lot of hope that the defenders of Kobani repel the godless ISIL,

However the current situation does not look good. FInally after more than a month of Turkey blocking Kurds from entering the town from the Turk boarder 150 Peshmerga Kurds from Iraq entered Kobani to aide it her defense. The coalition fighting ISIL continues to be a half arse piece of crap. It appears this coalition is only paying lip service and is not adequate in repelling or even fighting ISIL. They dropped only a dozen or so bombs over the weekend. Also they still do not have men to fight on the front lines. Just dropping bombs is not a way to win, not even close to. 
If Saudi i Arabia really wants us to believe they are sorry about how they had been funding ISIL al NUsra and other terror groups that were in Syria, than they need show it and put men on the ground whenever and where ever possible. But that will not happen, since they fear the jihadists who live in Saudi Arabia too much.

ISIL killed 320+ sunni Arabs in anbar province in past 2 days.

8 US backed Syrian rebels were executed after surrendering to ISL.

ISIL took 2 oil fields from Assad in past week.

In Iraq the real fight is not just on the ground but it also must include political processes that will help give the Sunni's a voice. After the US troops Iraq Maliki made a lot of very bad decisions. One of the top government officials was actually slated for execution but with a lot of help from many sources and countries he was able to get out and get to a safe place. But many other Sunni politicians were not as lucky and have been jailed under BS trumped up charges.

This has aided ISIL by getting many disenfranchised Sunni Iraqis to join their forces. Also it has made resistance from local populations minimal at first. However the barbaric deeds of ISIL soon turns almost all citizens against them. Yet fear is a powerful force and it has made it hard for the Iraqi government and the coalition to get much done

Iraq's best hope is to make serious efforts in political resolution with various Sunni groups.Without that ISIL will continue to grow and perform even more horrific acts.

al Nusra is attacking a main boarder city that FSA uses, prompting USA to ponder weather to do air strikes on al Nusra as well as ISIL. But since these air strikes have yielded no real gains and has not shown any sign of slowing down ISIL expansion, I do not think it will make much difference. Also I expect al Nusra and ISIL will continue to chop away at FSA and Syrian and Iraqi forces.