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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Best counter insurgency resources

For those who are interested  in the study of counter insurgency ( COIN ) here are a few quick references

Dr. David Kilcullen - Aussie, studied COIN sing military college life wrote a paper for his dissertation that is still en excellent read, author of many books, a few are "the accidental guerrilla" "fighting small war amidst a large one? i think is title, oh best short read
28 articles: Fundamentals of Company-Level Counterinsurgency

John Nagel is US COIN and wrote how to eat soup with a knife

Roger Trinquier French late 1950 wrote one of the first books on insurgencies and his outline of what how a terrorist cell should be formed and function, he also warned US not to mess with Vietnam, a lot of people may not know French were in Vietnam before we went long before, and they was getting out !!

Petraeus has a good grasp and did excellent leadership during the surge in Iraq 2007

I will compile something more in depth soon and lots of links to their works but you can google them and look for published papers. practical use and application of COIN throughout history how and why it was resolved (always end political solution)