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Thursday, March 13, 2014

New report by David Kilcullen and others regarding Aleppo Syria

David Kilcullen and others have completed a 4 month review of the situation and facts on the ground within Aleppo Syria. The findings have been compiled into a 97 page report about their findings. They interviewed people in both rebel and regime held areas.

I have been reviewing the report and this is the first of my summary of findings regarding the report.

  1. The center of Aleppo was not rebelling against the regime, so the rebels took the fight to those areas. The center of the city is now the most fought over and the residents movement is now very restrictive.
  2. Regime forces control about 45% of Aleppo. The Syrian Air Force Intelligence oversees regime-controlled areas away from the front lines. The Republican Guard is deployed to protect some of Aleppo’s most tense front lines.
  3. Bread in regime held areas is about 1/3rd to 1/5th the cost compared to rebel held areas.
  4. 40% of the people feel that “no one” represents them,
  5. Al Qaeda-affiliates remain strong in Aleppo. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria ISIS controls 1/3rd of all opposition held neighborhoods. Their checkpoints are the most restrictive and intimidating, residents avoid these checkpoints as  much as possible.
  6. There is 62 different CSO’s Civil Society Organizations acting within Aleppo.
  7. ISIS Controlled the Aleppo national Hospital for the entire period of the survey until January 8th 2014, when rebel forces stormed the Hospital to release several hundred of their brothers in arms who had been imprisoned by ISIS. Since the takeover stories have emerged about the brutality of ISIS
  8. The Busiest checkpoints are regime held. At each of these checkpoints approximately 35,000 – 45,000 people cross each day. As many as 60% do so to buy foodstuffs. Opposition held areas have banned people from regime areas to buy foodstuffs in rebel held areas. Many of these people cross to visit family, receive salaries, and even to pay their utility bills.
  9. The areas with the highest crime are in the rebel held areas.
  10. The rebels control most of the north, north eastern, eastern and southeast areas of Aleppo
  11. The Syrian regime controls the west and into the center of Aleppo
  12. North of Aleppo is Turkey. This is where most of the weapons are flowing from to supply all of the various rebel groups. Also foreign fighters enter via Turkey into Syria north of Aleppo.
  13. The rebels are supported by various domestic and foreign Islamic charities.
  14. The ISIS is back by al Qaeda and it gets its money from various sources around the world. The main backers are wealthy Arab Sunni’s in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Egypt.

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