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Monday, August 26, 2013

REBELS IN SYRIA - trick USA into action

America's and the west are out of touch and about to make a very big mistake. 

Before you make a judgement first know this: Syria has a large christian population, Kurdish, Shiite, and Sunni all have rights in Syria. The rebels are Sunni Arab backed and want to make Syria into an Islamic state with sharia law. The rebels are Almost exclusively Sunni Arabs, The Assad backers are Shiite, Christians, Kurdish, and other ethnic groups who hope to keep Syria a free to worship as you like place.

The latest "alleged sarin attack" rings of the WMD BS before Iraq invasion. Will America and other western nations make the same mistake again, that leads to an entangle quagmire. The fact is we do not know all the facts yet. But we do know that the rebel forces were almost defeated. Something big was needed to change the course. Oboma has said that "if Syria used chemical weapons that would be a red line and we would then back the rebels". What happened within a short time of that declaration sarin gas was used. We "DO" know the rebels used sarin, Al Qaeda and other sunni islamic extremist groups have been posting how to make home-made sarin gas videos on youtube, facebook and other popular web sites. Tests were performed and it looks like it was home made sarin gas, and not the more refined version in Syria stockpiles. There is no debate that Syria has chemical weapons the debate is did they use these weapons. Shortly before a meeting that was scheduled between Russia and the USA to discuss Syria the latest sarin gas attack. Dashing all hopes of a workable solution aimed at non military actions.

After that latest sarin attack now the USA and the Saudi backers of this planned intervention have all the ammo to sell this war to the naive american public. Doctors without boarders report that they indeed had about 3,000 people who they treated and about 350 deaths. But of those treated it did not appear to be sarin but some other toxin. 

Assad and Russia both have pointed out flaws in the assertion of the latest alleged sarin gas attack. Listening to "John Kerry" today you would think there is no doubts. But there is a lot of doubt. Assad has allowed UN investigators into the area. Snipers did attack the convoy today but who's snipers, the rebels or Assad's. Hopefully the UN inspectors will be able to complete their mission and prove that it was rebels and not Assad's military. If the USA does attack Syria we will create more extremists among the Shiite groups like Hezbollah and we should expect more direct attacks on western targets. We see what has happened in Iraq, Libya and Egypt and how hard it is to bring democracy to the middle east. Iraq is a more repressive place for women to live today as compared to when Saddam was in power. Libya also has started to side in this direction. Egypt was sliding in that direction but thankfully the Egyptian military stopped the backward slide and removed a president that was moving towards sharia law in Egypt a country that is 10% Christian. 

So before you we go to war we should understand who is pulling the strings on this puppet.