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Friday, December 21, 2007

Revisiting an old medium

I have been enjoying listening to a local radio station here in L.A. area for the past few weeks. The morning show has an interesting disc jockey (Joe Escalante, Esq.) who was in the 80's punk band "The Vandals". He is one of the few, from the scene in Orange County / Los Angeles punk scene, that did not get stuck in the muck that most bands, and band members back then fell into. Actually some of my favorite old bands from then are more popular now then they were back then. A few of the real great ones broke up as members went to college and put those careers ahead of the band.

Joe is one of those who went to college, and he became a Lawyer. Good choice for someone in the music business. But he has expanded his talents to many areas (wiki link here) (Joe's Escalante web site here). He has some great legal advice and insights for band members, writers, artists, producers, and documentary/independent films. On Fridays Joe hosts "the Barely Legal Radio Show" they take calls from people in bands etc. that have legal questions, on indie 103.1 (webcast here). Some of the other DJ's include Henry Rolands (from the band "Black Flag") and Steve Jones. ( I don't care much for those two musically)

Today I was listening to them talk about a Joe Strummer benefit concert and a limited edition poster. Got me thinking of all the artwork I use to do for bands and their flyers, logos, and much more. I miss that style of artwork. I got sorta anti-hippie, anti-political, and at times some in your face glimpses of history. The later was an attempt (that worked well) to attract attention and discussion. So I decided today to try and get back into doing some of the artwork that I enjoyed so much. My artwork has been very stagnant for the last few years. A couple years ago, I did start some excellent pieces that have multi dimensions (layers). One I like will cost me $500.00 just to create the original. I will post some updates on my progress next month.

Well I have been very busy with work lately and should have some free time soon. So I am very tired and will be signing off for now thanks all. - Ian Bach