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Friday, December 14, 2007

Multiply - Algerian Bank Scam

OK well I didn't expect this but it has already happened. Here is a copy paste of the first scam phishing bank scam I recieved here. This type of scam (below) is called an Agerian bank scam.

Be sure not to click on the web site (actually I will remove their links from the paste) Be sure not to respond or open pages or web site from anyone who sends what looks like a scam. Even if it E-mailed from a friend. If you receive one from a friends E-mail, kick them a couple times, call them names, have them remove your name from their email list, and then educate them on computer security. If you open a web site from a phisher/scamer you are taking risks with your computer security. Flash and many friends / social networks do have holes that attackers can abuse, so be carefull out there in cyber space.


Personal Message Dec 14, '07 10:02 AM
for users ianbach and susnagbe
My Dear,

I know that this letter might be a suprise to you but do consider it as emergency. I am Miss Susan Markson from Liberia Monrovia 24 years old and i reside here in Senegal with my sick mother. We are here in Dakar Senegal because of the fund $5.5 million my late father deposited in the finance house which we want to transfer out from here to your country for investment. Please reply me for further clarification. I need your urgent assistance please. I do hope to hear from you soon.


Miss. Susan Markson.