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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Bread and a Circus, Pt 2: The Value of Chaos

This is a very interesting video.

Coalition troops in Iraq doing what we do now, political solutions, communicating, assisting local governments, enabling and aiding security, and working to get food and water to those in need.

The interview sheds some real light on the situation that has been fogged over by the filter reports we get back here in the States. During the interview they discuss local problems, current situations, and the ridiculous rules al Qaeda forces on the locals like not allowing them to have ice, ice water, requiring locals to put diapers on goats to obscure the genitals, crazy wierd stuff.......It shows how nuts al qaeda is and why locals hate al Qaeda and are starting to rise up against our common enemy (al qaeda).

Very illuminating and informative stuff in this interview.