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Saturday, October 6, 2007

The next steps in fighting Terrorism

I will be doing new articles all this week that will be focusing on what America and Americans are doing right and what we are doing wrong in the the war against extreemist and fanatical groups.

Here is a link to my internet safety Blog which includes some info about the online al Qaeda presence and threats as well as ways to keep your ID and data safe.

I look forward to any questions, suggestions, input and feedback on the upcomming articles.

Highlights will include:

* Terrorist groups goals, methods, history.
* Classical counter insurgency methods.
* Revesions in counter insurgency thinking, methods, and
the implementation of local and regional political resolutions.
* Focus on the medias influence on public view and opinion.
* Methods to combat the terror propaganda machine.
* Focus on the homefront. Whats wrong & how to fix it.

Please feel free to email me your suggestions, recommendations, and questions to Type next step in the subject line. All emails will be confidential and sender retains all rights and copyrights for same. If I see something that is paticularly good and wish to publish on my blog and link to the author (if desired by writer) I will contact the person to determine if and how they wish their article to be published (anon or other / links / etc.).