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Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Anbar Awakening

Ramadi had only 200 police a few months ago it now has approx. 8,000. Safety in the region has completly changed. Many of the police were helping insurgents and/or attacking our troops only a couple months ago. IED attacks and sniper incidents are now rare where they were once common place, daily occurences. There is some great interviews of the soldiers and the iraqi police. The problems and the successes. what hits home most is the soldiers asking that the politicians give them the time to help Iraq be more stable so that their friends would not have died in vain.

I added the links below

1st link is the most recent update by PBS in Anbar

2nd link is Jan-June in 2007

PBS KCET 9:00pm friday 9-14-07 LA, CA

Third Time Around - An hour-long NOW special

Here is an earlier artile from jan-june 2007

Iraq's Anbar Province Faces Political, Military Changes