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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Iraq Update 2 - September 10, 2007

I have been listening to various sources that seem to have some further intel. on what the Petraeus Report and the Government Report will have to say on the effectivness on the Surge, to date. When the final reports are submitted and made public I will try and get the PDF, Audio and video links from various sources.

I had mentioned previously that the Iraqi police have been seen as curupt and I have more recently found out that the major problems are with the National police, which appears to be still highly secterian and ineffective. The National police at this point in time can not travel far from Baghdad. This should be of a major topic and I look forawrd to General Petreaus's view of this and his recommendations. The National Police is about 30,000 men and the other police forces make up approx. 200,000 men. The Iraqi army has been hailed on both sides and is doing great.

U.S. Military Rejects Call To Disband Iraqi Police - Click Here
Ann Scott Tyson and Glenn Kessler. Washington Post, 07 September 2007. (See Independent Commission report).


I just sat and spoke for a short time with a friend of mine in SAG (Screen Actors Guild). I haven't seen him in a long time maybe a few years. When I told him about my blog and some of the things I do now he asked what I thought about tower 7. lol, well my first response was "what is the buzz on the set" (movie sets). So after speaking for a while it is my view that it appears he has fallen into the grip of the SAG View, with all it's conspiracy theorys, and over the top Hollywood dogma.

Until we confront the ignorance it will continue to inhibit our future efforts, on the home front and overseas. - Ian Bach.