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Friday, August 3, 2007

A US group who wants to Ban Islam in the U.S., Britain, and Australia…

The group currently enjoys tax exempt status. This makes me very mad and I will be working to take away thier tax exempt status. I have contacted various government agencies and will be working with media organizations to stop this group.

The wrong way to fight Terrorism

Recently I had the unfortunate opportunity to stumble across a group of people who think they are fighting terrorism, yet they are doing all the wrong things. In reality their actions will create more militants and feed terrorists with a new influx of anti-western Jihadist.

While researching Wahhabism, I had stumbled on the group’s web site and I joined the forum. As you know I am always happy to help a group fighting terrorism. But then I started to read the various topics and posts. I posted some informative information and tried to bring a little education on tactics and realities. I was amazed when the many top level members and moderators started to say I was wrong and they stated how Islam must be banned.

Well I am not one to back down from a fight. So I kept my cool and focused on exposing and countering the lies these people were trying to use. They would quote Jihadist translations of the Quran but would not even consider the realities that I had proposed. They would attack the Quran and Muslims by assuming that all Muslims are radical.

They had many posts/topics on their Forum Website that disturbed me.

Here are some of the topics in their forum:

"Cult Not Religion" Here they state that Islam is not a religion.

"Whereis the moderate Muslim majority?" Here they proposed that there are no moderate Muslims.

"Is Islam A Religion???"

“Strategy Meeting To Ban Islam in America"

"Should The Constitution Be Amended To Allow Banning Islam?" Here if you say no they would attack you with post after post of Jihadist quotes.

"Muslims in the U.S."

"View Banned Sudan Documentary"

"re sheik Obama"

"Islam's Sole Prophet"

“Dear Muslim Man Complaint Box:”

“Schools Give Muslims Preferential Treatment, More of What We Already Know....and So it Gets Worse”

“koran flusher support rally”

“Clinton-Bush Enable Saudi Mind Control, A CLEAR WARNING!”

They are backing a proposed amendment to the Constitution of the United States. The proposed amendment would ban Islam by classifying it as not a religion, and therefore not protected by the constitution.

They propose to close all Mosques and deport all Muslims. I asked them “how do you propose to deport all Muslims?” also I stated “if you ban Islam in the U.S. don’t you think it will create more radicals?”

Here was one of my responses to their proposal to back the proposed amendment to Ban Islam in the U.S.

“So if I understand this correctly the Amendment wishes to ban the religion of Islam in the US?”

“So am I supposed to believe if this is Amendment is passed approx. five (5) Million Muslims who are presently in the USA Legally will just stop being Muslims? 5 million Muslims lol the ACLU will love that. They will make a ton of money and overturn any such Amendment. Ask Auntie Hillary she is a Lawyer she knows.”

Sounds like a logistical nightmare.
What about the 15 % African American Black Muslims? Others are various other races including Asians. Many of the Iranian and other Middle Eastern and western European are refugees (i.e., people who fled Extremist areas because of their more moderate views.) Many of the refugees helped America. Recent estimates state that, if we leave Iraq fast and soon, there will be approximately 35,000 - 75,000 Muslims Allies that the US Government will give sanctuary.”

”United States: Muslim Population circa 2000 Cool map at link.”
“Because the U. S. Census does not collect information on religious affiliation of residents in the nation, there are no exact figures on the number of Muslims in the country. According to a national poll conducted in 2001, known as the American Religious Identity Survey, approximately 1,104,000 adult Muslims reside in the United States. National Muslim organizations put the total number of all Muslims in the nation at about seven million, based on a survey that determined that two million Muslims regularly attend weekly Friday prayer services, and stipulated that the majority of Muslims do not attend such services. The 2000 Britannica Book of the Year estimate for 2000 states the number as 4,132,000. Whatever the exact number, the Muslim population in North America is characterized by its diversity. Some 80 nations are represented in the mosque communities of the United States, including a variety of traditions, practices, doctrines, and beliefs. Approximately 24 percent of American Muslims are African Americans according to the American Muslim Council’s Zogby poll conducted in 2000.”

“It reminds me of Hitler saying we have to ban the Jews.”

“Sorry I am not a politician. I am a Tactician. I have several posts that show who to target.”

“If I walk down an ally and suddenly 5 guys want to fight or kill me. What do I do? I look for the leader. I take him out first. The others normally will back down after that. If not it is still easier to kick rest of their butts after their leader is lying on the ground.”

One Topic on the forum asks members to post horror stories about Islam.

The forum is publicly viewable, and that makes me think these idiots will be creating more radicals/extremists.

So how could this happen? Well I can understand in many ways, how these people ended up on the wrong path, and why they are going in the wrong direction.

The group on the surface looks professional. Their web sites look credible, the people there know many of the quotes that the Jihadist use and some of the founders have written books, which seem to be professional.

The reality is much scarier. Some of the founders (one in particular) pose as experts. But the only expertise they or the followers seem to have is quoting Jihadist quotes/translations of the Quran. The one founder has written many books and has POSED as an expert on many television stations. This man however is NOT an expert. He appears to have absolutely no knowledge of military tactics, capabilities, or limitations. These people’s knowledge of Jihadist quotes could be used much better to help create “bots” that can roam the web and take down Jihadist web sites. But I feel the group is being used by the one founder who has written his hate books. He has links to various web sites all seem to be linked in someway and all are racist and hateful.

If you wish to help take down this group of Idiots and Islamaphobics. Contact me I will give you the web sites and suggestions on how you can help.