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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Wahhabism in Qatar and Saudi Arabia

Get out your Google Earth and check look at Qatar this is a small country but it is significant in the war on terror. There are many followers of Wahhabism here. Wahhabism started in mid 1700s in Saudi Arabia. Wahhabism faded out for many years up until about the early 1900's

It has spread now to many other Countries. These include Pakistan, Algeria, Somalia, Sudan, Qatar, Palestine, Serbia, Bosnia, and now it is being spread throughout Europe, Americas, Southeast Asia, and even Australia. Saudi Arabia has been a big producer of propaganda magazines to spread Wahhabism. In 2005 the US Senate started to take further actions against the hate propaganda.

Please understand not all Saudis' or Arabs are Wahhabist. But today most of the people approx. 90% mostly the poor and disenfranchised in Saudi Arabi are followers of wahhabism. The Royal Family are not followers and do not want Wahhabism. Since about 1995 Bin Laden and his followers have sought to takeover the power of the Saudi Royal Family and to overthrow the Saudi Arabian government. There are some very powerful and influential people and some Clerics in Saudi Arabia who preach and spread Wahhabism. One area is in the Southwest of Saudi Arabia is where Bin Laden spent much of his time in the Mosques as a young man. This is where he first started to learn about Radical Wahhabism and he started to practice and preach the hate and lies that wahhabism represents. End Note....

NOTE: People like Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, the Taliban, Al Zarqawy, etc... are the preachers and teachers of Wahhabism today. End Note....

Bin Laden who is sorta the bastard child of royal family had syrian mother who his dad divorced soon after bin laden was born. Bin Laden has never been a true part of royal family, he was not included in family vacations and he has been described as a loner during his childhood years, and this may be part of reason he talks so bad about, and hates the Saudi Royal Family.

Prior to 911 Sudan wanted to kick Osama out of Sudan, But the Saudi royal family had already disowned him by this point because of his actions. It has been stated by many reputable sources that Sudan attempted to hand Bin Laden over to USA but the Clinton Administration did not want the Liabilities that may have occured. This is about the time that Osama went to Afghanistan.

(In fact my investigations and that of others has shown that the Clinton Administration made many mistakes most of these were due to white house lawyers who felt doing anything would have unknown implications.... Well it's too bad they didn't make the move when they had so many chances.)

Saudis themselves do not use the term "Wahhabi", preferring to call themselves Unitarians - believers in one indivisible deity.

Bin Laden supporter at anti-US rally in Karachi

The Wahhabia movement Started sometime, around 1748 AD. The movement faded out somewhat until about 1928 when an alliance was created between the Wahhabi religious movement and the House of Saud - the family that has ruled the Saudi kingdom since its creation in the 1930s. In daily life, the Saudi religious establishment - the ulema - have imposed strict segregation of the sexes, an absolute prohibition of the sale and consumption of alcohol, a ban on women driving and many other social restrictions. The rules are enforced by the "mutawa", or religious police, who patrol the streets and shopping centres on the look-out for anyone breaking the rules.

Taleban version
There are some similarities between the Saudi interpretation of Islam and that of the ruling Taleban movement in Afghanistan. The Taleban, too, represent an unusually strict form of Sunni Islam - and restrictions on women, for example, are even tighter than in Saudi Arabia. But the Taleban are not Wahhabis. They belong to what is known as the Deobandi movement, named after the small town of Deoband in the Indian Himalayas. It was here that the movement was founded, in the 1860s, during the period of British rule in India. Over time, the movement has become a broad umbrella, including in its ranks Muslims who wish to remain aloof from politics - and others, like the Taleban, who are politically militant. It would be wrong to see either Bin Laden or the Taleban as typical of modern Sunni movements. They represent a radical fringe, rather than the Sunni mainstream.

Al jazeera TV is a propaganda of hate and lies Wahhabi use this to Spread their lies and to create more fear and to recruit more followers.

Recently Al Jazeera TV started to air its hate and lies in English. But American Business men made sure that all TV networks and Cable Providers would not broadcast Al Jazeera in America. But the al Jazeera TV station has gained more listeners. Now Iran has announced a new 24/7 Satelite TV station and this is very bad for all the world.