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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Pakistan still dragging it's feet.

America and the U.N. have waited for the leaders in Pakistan to stop the Taliban and al-Qaeda in the North-West Frontier Province (NWFP) of Pakistan. But still no real progress has occurred. The time is ripe to strike / attack al-Qaeda in Pakistan's Tribal Region. The majority of people within the Tribal areas are ready to oust al-Qaeda.

Yet like we have seen in Iraq and Afghanistan a responsible/respectable military presence is needed to ignite the spark and help the people regain their homelands and human rights.

Currently al-Qaeda/Taliban are continuing it's attacks on Afghanistan. Also Al Qaeda is calling for the Pakistani people to focus on Jihad in Afghanistan. This is al-Qaeda's attempt to take the focus off Pakistan vs al-Qaeda. It looks like al-Qaeda is waiting and hoping for the USA and UN to leave Afghanistan. Let's hope that doesn't happen.

For now we hope and pray that Pakistan's Army will do what is needed. If Pakistan does not stop the jihadist infection it is sure to spread even more throughout Pakistan and the region.

I urge each person to contact their representatives and urge the U.S. and U.N. to require Pakistan to take action or face sanctions. Until then I hope we use as much covert force as is possible on pakistan and al-Qaeda.

- Ian Bach


by Strategic Forecasting, Inc.
Pakistan: Al Qaeda After the Red Mosque
July 12, 2007 22 17 GMT

".................Although al Qaeda would love to exploit the anti-government sentiments that have arisen among Pakistanis in the wake of the storming of the Red Mosque, the group probably is bracing for what Stratfor has identified as the beginning of a long-term struggle between the Pakistani state and the jihadist Frankenstein it created over an extended period. While the struggle against the jihadists will be a long engagement, the founders of al Qaeda could get caught in the cross-fire between Islamabad and its former proxies in the not-too-distant future."

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a letter to "Peace and Freedom" blog/online magazine

".......Dear Sir, the terrorists and Taliban have been teasing [chasing with potential loss of life] your brother in Bajaur Agency, tribal areas. We the tribal people are very simple people. When say something we mean it. You the American are honest and true people and when you say something you mean it. But the rulers of Pakistan have two faces. They say one thing, but do the other. The same is the case in the war on terror. They say to the Americans that they (Pakistani) have been fighting against terrorists, but actually they have been creating terrorists. They have been giving full support to Taliban and terrorists.

Some of the American officials and politicians have been blindly supporting Pakistan. They should study the situation...................."

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