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Friday, June 29, 2007

Piracy on the seas off Somalia

South Korean cargo ship missing off Somalia Piracy feared

Topics in this article:

1. Sea Prince a South Korean cargo ship is missing after leaving Djibouti last month
2. U.N. Security Council was urged by a Maritime organization to help end piracy in the waters off Somali
3. Four ships are now confirmed to be in the hands of Somali pirates. The Sea Prince will make it five.
4. Officials cite 15 ship hijackings and attempted attacks off Somalia this year

I read an article on CNN and here is my take on it.

The ship is owned by a US company and managed by a Ukraine firm. From Russia and Chinas actions and push on vital issues like Darfur and Somalia and Ethiopia where china is supplying the most financial support than other countries but uses bad tactics. Here is the problem China won’t allow us via U.N. to interfere or get involved in ways we wish we could. I saw the democrats’ debate on the TV last night and all cited a no fly zone over Sudan/Darfur. They all said they would impose a no fly zone over Darfur. Fact is China won't let us do it. So they are making it seem as if they could do something bush hasn't tried already.

Also they didn’t mention Algeria, Egypt, or Somalia? Trust me it is as bad or worse the Iraq and Afghanistan in many areas. I just mentioned in North Afric. The Chinese financed governmet at the moment is supposibly trying to stop the Muslim against Muslim fighting in Sudan this is what caused dafur incident and the other Nations mentioned above. There are ties between all of them with same goal to take over North Afria make it all Arab Muslim Large Terrorist Nation. Sound a little Scary? Yes it is.(read my Article about the Arab group that wants to take over North Africa).

Here is problem with the piracy of boats off Somalia. The terrorists get free booty and make money to buy more weapons. As far as the boats I worry they may make a fleet of suicide bomb boats to attack our ships near this area, that are well within striking distance.

But fact is they would be sunk before they hit target. Unless they choose a non military target like cruise ship or supply ship. I say lets blow those boats out the water now. I know it may be some of the crew may be killed but I would hope not. Yet it needs to be done soon.

Also the terrorists or anarchists in Somalia are holding crews for ransom money.

The other 4 ships held by Somali pirates are 2 from Tanzania, 1 from Denmark and 1 from Taiwan. The pirates killed 1 Taiwanese captive this month, after the owners of his ship refused to pay a ransom.

In the CNN Article they write:

“The latest suspected hijacking was feared to have occurred a day after the International Maritime Organization, a U.N. agency said increasing attacks off Somalia this year was endangering vital aid shipments and commercial activity at sea.”

No really? Geez U.N. get active we are at war, get off your butts U.N. Especially China and Russia who are afraid to enter this war. I think it is like WW2 when USA took a while to enter the war thinking it won’t affect us. Russia and China must be thinking if they don’t help US they won’t be attacked. Their tactic has worked so far but for how long.

Japan is attempting to get U.N. to ok Japan to have a effective military and take part in ebbing the tide of terrorists that are infecting many Southeast Asia Countries.

By Ian Bach - Ethical Reporting

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