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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Paranoia will Kill You

we have all heard this saying and it is a fact.

But there is other stuff like - "Knowledge is power".

I felt like my web site was about knowledge and sharing it with others. When I was a teenager and in my 20's, I knew a lot of Anarchists, and they befriended me and many looked up to me. I was a singer and writer for a short time in a Punk Rock Band. Most the anarchists I knew were just in word only some in gangs. I read the anarchists cook book a friends mom had from her hippy days when I was only 17. If you ask what party I a from I say republican. I do not share the anarchists views except there is one thing I have said and believe, when I was asked about anarchism. If this world falls into anarchy I will be fine. I can make aradio out of simple items around the house, a hand powered generator, water filter and cleaner. Simply put my skills enable me to feel secure in any situation in any place at anytime with anyone. My Nickname is fearless, maybe for these reasons.

Recently a friend of mine had been influenced in a way that disturbs me. The guy who sent a bunchh of people hate mails or whatever??? I have no Idea as I have not seen any of the messages. My page is friends only comments. So when someone saw that they looked at me and now believe I am the conduit that created the problem. I was told I Betrayed their trusts? yet I knew nothing of what was being talked about. I went all night unable to sleep and shingles raging in pain. We see and meet dorks every day in RL. but we dont change our way of lives because of it. well I dont. Someone flips me off I smile and wave. shrug it off its life. eh? - Once a guy was so mad at me and my friends driving he yelled at us road rage flaring for 2 miles then he pulled up to the car I was in and pointed a snub nose 38 (typical cop gun - no finger pointing here) anyways I looked at him stright in the eyes and raised my hand made the shape of gun with my hand with my thumb pointing up like the trigger then lowered my thumb slowly, all while a gun was pointed at me. The guy look liked he woke up and he drove away without another word. If you allow bullies to disturb you then they will disturb you. bottom line

So anyways after I read and learned more about what the terrorists were up to once I saw that they had completely overtaken the airwaves and thus have the ability to change people (some not mine) view of the world.

Reading the information I bring here should not cause people to think that everyone is a terrorists. Most the dorks on Yahoo are liberals, angry young teens, and just basic idiots. They dont have the knowledge to make a real web site let along hack you.

Besides if they can then you did something wrong.

I will be writing articles about how to keep yourself safe on the internet and hoope it helps some. For now I will be working on a project a friend has forced upon me and blamed me for.

Next article will talk about ways to be safe and it may take a day or so. I have been sick and lost my job on friday because of it. So thanks to those of my friends who support me. I will do my best to support those who believe in me and support me.