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Sunday, June 24, 2007

M. Yon - Arrowhead Ripper: Surrender or Die

Here is a section from Michael Yons latest Article - Arrowhead Ripper: Surrender or Die. He is embeded with Stryker Brigade Combat Team

"The combat in Baqubah should soon reach a peak. Al Qaeda seems to have been effectively isolated. The initial attack on 19 June achieved enough surprise that al Qaeda was caught off guard and trapped. They have been beaten back mostly into pockets and are surrounded and will be dealt with. Part of this is actually due to the capability of Strykers. We were able to “attack from the march.” In other words, a huge force drove in from places like Baghdad and quickly locked down Baqubah." section from latest article by Michael Yon.

(Full article here)

For those who don't know there is two MAJOR operations going on in Iraq at the moment. The previous surge has been small steps. These two will prove to be major steps. These areas are lawless or have been for a while. That is about to end. It is clear that this is another city that has bad management. Michael compared the local problem in Baqubahis to Kurdish Areas. he is correct it is a big defference from what we see in Kurdish areas. If this was in the Kurdish area we would not have to help except maybe supplies.

But the battle for the minds is still a big problem. Ask people if they think 9/11 was a conspiracy. I started to and was amazed how many said yes, and some were way into it. But I think I got a few rethinking things...wink. Sorry about bring up the 9/11 thing but we need to educate our friends and families. We can't afford the propaganda to spread further.

Mr. Yon doesn't have too much good to say about the Iraqi commanders. But I think they will do better once they have more experience.

Best Wishes to ya all,

Ian Bach