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Friday, June 15, 2007

Ian Bach's various Blogs

I created a web site that will contain articles, pictures, vdeos, and "how to's" for methods to keep you computer and your identity safe on the Internet. You can help read below.

I am looking for friends who would like to contribute and post articles to any of the following blogs. All you have to do is setup a "Blogger" account this is googles blog tool. Basically you will be able to help create awareness and share your knowledge with others. Also I can set it up so it will show your Blogger name (always use aliases on all Internet account- stay safe). If you have a Blogger account people can click to view your blog. This enables you and me to gain more viewers.

Join our Ethical News Blog Group Now and help create Awareness

Your expertise and knowledge in any of the following areas will be a great and help expand others knowledge about these specific areas:

Internet Safety tips

Counter Terrorism

Counter Insurgency

Ethical reporting and News about Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, and world issues.
The focus is on reporting good news and progress.

If you are interested in participating please send me a message and I will walk you through the set up. It only takes a few minutes to set up. Then you can post directly to the blog and help us create awareness and spread good news and safety tips.

when you post comments there you can post anonomous, or Other and link your own web site here, or use your google name/account.

Choose Other under identity

then enter name and your webpage or blog address (URL)

If you have questions post them anywhere. Thanks

Ian bach