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Monday, June 4, 2007

Anarchist or Journalist

I just read an article about a guy who had a Blog that was anti American and described as anarchistic. This guy twists stories into lies. he is not a reporter. He is a person that creates propaganda and creates mistrust among Americans and their Government. In my opinion we need a new law that will create some help to the court system and enable the government to shut down these anarchist and terrorist supports and people who create propaganda and lies to create an unstable environment and protests and who knows what else. I think they should try him on Treason but the journalists have shown they care more about Complete freedom of speech (even in times of war). This man is a threat and menace to our people, the facts, truth, justice, and a threat to our freedoms and Nation. I vote we hang the nut job. - Ian Bach

Here is part of the story I read with a link to the full story and a video about it.

The tape catapulted him into the spotlight, igniting a fierce debate over the nature of journalism.

At the same protest, a San Francisco policeman had his skull fractured in a clash with protesters. Protesters also allegedly attempted to torch a police car.

He ended up being approached by FBI to show whole video and to testify in court against the assailants.

The court didn't see it that way, and he was sent to jail, where he remained for 226 days on contempt of court charges. That's longer than any journalist has suffered in similar cases.

But was Wolf really a journalist? On his Web site, he called himself an activist and an anarchist.

Wolf says "My role is to uncover the truth to deliver to the public," he said. "That is my No. 1 accountability."

However his version of the truth is at a minimum skewed and twisted and his supposed News is filtered through his own political convictions.

He was asked if he filmed selectively and would he turn off his camera to protect activist friends? He was noncommittal, saying that the decision would have to be "made in the moment," but he challenged the idea of pure journalism vs. activism, citing American independence advocate Thomas Paine. "Would you not say that Thomas Paine was an activist? I see that advocacy has a firm role within the realm of journalism." What a crock of dung. This guy is doing these things to draw attention to himself by undermining the Nation.

Forty-nine states have some type of protection for journalists, called shield laws, which keep criminal investigators from compelling reporters to turn over their notes or tapes, or from testifying unnecessarily.

However, Wolf's case was in federal court, where there are no shield laws. So the very debate he ignited over the definition of a journalist meant nothing without some kind of federal shield law protection.

After almost eight months in jail, Wolf struck a deal with prosecutors, agreeing to post his video outtakes on his Blog, which he says didn't show anything anyway. He would not have to testify.

Click here for unedited full story