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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Letter from a friend in Iraq

By: the Iraqi Doctor
March 5, 2007

Hi everyone,
I hope you all doing wounderfull, i was thinking about writing a new entry in my blog. I did NOT know what to write. Shall i talk about IRAQ and whats going on in it right now? I really feel i dont want that? But I would like to tell you how much I am haapy with this yahoo 360 web and being a freind to you guys. I am happy for that. Here is a map of IRAQ. Don't believe what you see on News Media about Iraqi people killing each other, simply WE DONT DO THAT, it is those who came across the borders filled with hate and ignornce and those from inside who lost their positions and power over a night and now they are killing innocent Iraqi people, to try to get it back, shame on them. It's politics and you know how dirty and nasty politics are? But when it comes to ordenanry Iraqi people they are peacefull , life loving , polite, generous, and creative.

If you have freedom and good goverment that are looking after you, if you have freedom of speech, please thank GOD for it. Because I assure you that you will know what it does mean when you loss it. I hope all of you will have a happy life, with out any problems, at least not like the ones we have right now in our country.....GOD BLESS YOU ALL.