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Monday, April 23, 2007

Making Friends while in Iraq

This is from a Blog of a person who served our country and helped in Iraq. I recently went to his Blog to copy the picture and post it with this. But he has closed his blog after receiving hate EMails....

I wanna say I am disgusted, by the way people who are protected by these Brave Men, could do such a thing. They would be the first ones to scream where is a Cop or Military when someone pulls a gun out and starts shotting. Yet they do not want to admit they need protected. They walk around in a day dream that they may be forced to wake up from at any minute. Yet they don't want to think about the fact that there is bad people who wish to harm innocent people.

Here is the Blog Entry that I liked. But now I feel like finding and hunting down the cowards who have sent their views of hate to a good person who obviously cares about his job PROTECTING THE SHEEP. (by sheep I mean the average citizen of USA and elsewhere who does not have the capicity to defend themselves.)

"Almost everywhere I went, I had Iraqi children around me. They would walk with me and try and rub my tattoos off. They rub my arms and then look at their hands to see if any ink came off.... Funny."

"On this day I showed them the finger skills of sign california style....LOL..." Anon

In the picture (I wanted to post with this) the kids are all smiling and laughing making a california surfing sign.