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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Culture of Iraq

Send our troops in Iraq soccer balls so they can make some new friends!

There is also a link below about Iran’s Culture I found very interesting and informative. I have always been a history and war buff, since the two seem to go hand in hand. One reason I write here about the culture and history is like one Arab Blog said "know your enemy" and also cited that other famous quote "keep your friends close and your enemies closer". Only by doing these things can we progress against the terror propaganda? Also without this we are fighting blind and dumb.

The following is copy/pasted from wikipedia:

Archaeological losses

Many treasures of Mesopotamian archaeology were housed in the Baghdad Museum until 2003, when they were lost to looting and vandalism during the chaos that accompanied the 2003 invasion of Iraq by the United States and allies. The number and value of stolen items are disputed. A campaign was launched soon after the loss, with the help of the British Museum, to catalog and eventually recover looted works. Appeals by the museum resulted in some items being returned. Others clearly were stolen by criminal gangs with the intent of sale abroad.

Modern culture

In the most recent millennium, what is now Iraq has been made up of five cultural areas: Kurdish in the north centered on Arbil; Sunni Islamic Arabs in the center around Baghdad; Shi'a Islamic Arabs in the south centered on Basra; the Assyrians, who are a Christian people, living in various cities in the North; and the Marsh Arabs, a nomadic peoples, who live on the marshlands of the central river.

Markets, and debating the price of goods, are the common form of trade.


Like many other nations, slapping somebody with your shoe, even symbolically, is considered an insult. Although in Iraq this is more popular than anywhere else, particular in such incidents as the beating of Saddam Hussein's statue in "Firdus Square" after its toppling, with the help of U.S. troops. As in other Arab nations, the left hand is used for sanitary activities including the restroom, and the right hand is used for food and greeting; offering to shake with the left hand may be perceived as an insult, and eating with the left hand embarrassing.

Sports in Iraq

Main article: Sport in Iraq

The most popular sport in Iraq is soccer or football. The national football team reached the World Cup finals in 1986, but failed to progress out of the group stage. Recently they reached the finals of the Asian Games in 2006, defeating former World Cup semifinalists South Korea in 2006 and eventually losing to Qatar. Football is largely seen as a uniting factor in the country following years of war and unrest.This is also the most practiced sport in Iraq. Iraq also enjoys hockey and swimming plus a little golf

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