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Sunday, December 2, 2007

A Muslim's Perspective on Nick Gisburne's Quotes

Nick Gisburne posted a video on YouTube disparaging the Quran as a cruel book. His video got him banned and sparked intense debate and opinion on the Internet. You can find the video here. The video is a slide of "paraphrased" quotes "supposedly" taking from the Quran. Nick claims these are quotes from the Quran. I claim Nick is clever. Nick took many quotes out of context, misquoted several and distorted some. I have little reason to believe this is accidental. It seems his intention was to show the Quran, Islam and Muslims in bad light. I am a Muslim. I feel obliged to weigh in on the issue.

In the interest of time, I'm going to focus on two of the several quotes Nick claimed are direct quotes for the Quran. I'm going to show you how Nick took these quotes out of context and distorted the message of a book over a billion individuals consider sacred.

Nick's Quote:


This is an awesome example of what I have always contended that the quotes the armchair theorists and islamaphobics use as examples of why Christians, Jews, Americans and the World should fear Islam. Well I could not have been more overjoyed when I stumbled onto this guys little blog. I had been reading someones web site (who is a wee bit preoccupied with Jihadist propagand) When I went to view the video he posted on his blog as proof of why we must fear Islam and how Muslsims want to kill everyone who is not Muslim. I saw a lot of stuff about the video being banned on youtube. Most articles chanted for "freedom of speech". More like freedom to misinform our youth or I got it "lets help the terrorists and we can post this video into english and get lots of attention. YEAH that's a great idea we will be famous. woot." Bottom line people like Nick Gisburne are scum and they are creating more nut jobs, ignorance and intollerance. - Ian Bach