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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Turmoil among the #Afghan Military’s Leadership - Stars & Stripes

This is a good article by  "Starts and Stripes" on Afghanistan and her current and upcoming situation.

"The insurgent attacks in the north, regarded as one of Afghanistan’s more secure regions, mark the opening salvos of what promises to be an intense fighting season across the country.
Analysts say problems within the government’s national security apparatus could leave Afghan forces unprepared for increased insurgent activity.

" The failure by President Ashraf Ghani’s administration to name a permanent defense minister has created turmoil among the Afghan military’s leadership, Karimi told lawmakers on Tuesday.
That, combined with the shrinking role of U.S. and coalition forces in the country, has caused serious capability gaps in the government’s security forces that Taliban and other groups will use to their advantage, analysts said.
“Sooner or later there will be more attacks targeting people in Badakhshan,” Fawzia told Stars and Stripes on Tuesday. “The Taliban know these weaknesses and will take advantage of them” as the fighting season progresses.

Reports of the growing influence of the Islamic State group in northern Afghanistan only highlight those concerns."