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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Turkey continues to aide ISIL attack on Kobane

Kobane is a city on the Turkish boarder in northwest Syria. The Turkish government has pushed reporters away from this area in Turkey by using tear gas (check out this incident where BBC crew where gassed by Turkey). Kurds in Turkey who want to assist in the protection and defense of Kobane continue to be hampered by Turkey's resistance to help. Turkey has not only refused to help in the defense of Kobane from ISIL/ISIS but they have actually made demands that the Kurds vow to attack Assad. There was 3 things Turkey was requiring of the Kurds before they would help Kobani resist invasion  my sectarian Sunni Arab Wahhabi (ISIL).

The US has supposedly dropped some medical and hopefully some weapons into Kobani to help the citizen ward off ISIS/ISIL. But only 6 Bombs dropped by US troops today around Kobani. Thats not enough and it  also shows they do not have coordinated attacks. It sits right on the Turkish Boarder so US troops CIA or special forces could enter Kobani via air then exit (if all goes sour) safely to Turkey. The fact that we obviously are not putting men into Kobani to fight the good fight (these Kurds have been fighting like heros true heros no joke here) but since we must not have men in Kobani must mean it is likely the USA Arab countries or the coalition will not make the moves needed to prevent it from falling into ISIS/ISIL hands.