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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

ADD or Just a bored child who can't sit still through another boring Class?

Ever see a child who has lead poisoning really bad? I have seen many! They are bouncing off the walls many have impaired speech other suck their thumbs into the 3rd grade, I can go on for days so etc etc..

Or maybe some older people here remember painting contractors 20+ years ago. When I got into construction and environmental Business 22 years ago I use to think that painters were all tweekers (speed addicts). They would shack even when trying to stand still. It is sad now when I look back I wish I could have helped those people. [I didn't learn about lead symptoms until 17 years ago] But I can say I don't see that anymore.

I have done many childhood lead poisoning inspections and investigations and been an expert witness in some Lead and other hazardous materials exposure cases. I have worked on both sides of the fence. But I only work on cases that I feel are ethical. The one thing I have seen most is the similarities between a kid who has been exposed to lead and many times the doctors had them on Ritalin and had diagnosed them as ADD other times the Doctors said the child was retarded.

Lead poisoning affects the part of the Brain that is developing. (This is a Fact and proven!!!!) For example if a child is exposed to lead at the age they normally start talking the will get a speech problem. If it is around time a child develops complex relationships they will normally have various problems of course one being someone who wants to be alone or is uncomfortable around large groups or complex social interactions.

Best Wishes - Ian Bach

Ian Bach