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Monday, November 24, 2014

Kobani November 24, 2014 Kobane

Daily Update:

I will be trying to do daily updates on whats up in Kobani as this seems to be a big topic of interest not only for me but for many of my readers here. Be sure to like posts, and make comments, ask questions, etc.
- Ian Bach 11-12-2014

Kurds in Kobani take
ground from Islamic State 
(lead article)

BY BRIAN WILLIAMSKurdish fighters in Kobani have been pushing back Islamic State’s nearly two-month-long siege of that city in northern Syria. At the same time, Washington is increasing its troops in Iraq from 1,500 to nearly 3,000.
Fighting along with the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) in Kobani are 155 Peshmerga soldiers with artillery from the semi-autonomous Kurdish areas of northern Iraq. They traveled through Turkish territory at the end of October with much needed heavy weaponry to counter the bigger and better armed Islamic State forces.
Until then, Ankara had blocked any fighters or weapons from getting into Kobani. But pressure mounted on the Turkish government as week after week millions in Turkey and around the world watched courageous men and women in Kobani holding off Islamic State forces in spite of a fatalistic expectation of the city’s imminent fall by the big-business media and government officials of Ankara and Washington. The Turkish government has relented to allow some Peshmerga from Iraq through, but still prevents Kurds from Turkey from joining the battle. (Click here for the entire story)

US air strikes in Syria driving anti-Assad groups to support Isis – The Guardian

The Guardian

US air strikes in Syria driving anti-Assad groups to support Isis
The Guardian
These and other Syrian fighters told the Guardian in interviews by phone and Skype that the US campaign is turning the attitudes of Syrian opposition groups and fighters in favour of Isis. Omar Waleed, an FSA fighter in Hama, north of Damascus, said 
US-led airstrikes in Syria kill over 900, activist group
What It's Like to Teach in Syria Under ISIS RuleABC News
Group: Death toll of US-led airstrikes in Syria tops 900 New US strikes CNN
Reuters -Fox News -CTV News

Two Britons Join Fight Against IS In Syria – Sky News

BBC News

Two Britons Join Fight Against IS In Syria
Sky News
The sister of a former British soldier fighting against the Islamic State in Syria has told Sky News he is there to help others and his family are proud of him. Lara Hughes' brother James travelled to the war-torn country with friend Jamie Read to join 
UK fighters in Syria 'not mercenaries'BBC News
Former British infantryman joins Kurdish fighters in Syria defending Daily Mail
Two British citizens 'killed fighting for Islamic State in Syria'The Guardian
ITV News -Herald Scotland -The Independe

Syria could be next target of Canada's CF-18s

U.S. Senator John McCain calls coalition strategy in Iraq 'delusional'

(* I do agree with John McCain about the Strategy is non-sense, but McCain's is not any better. The best strategy would be to recognize that COIN is all that will work and we need to align with Assad and Iran so that we can let the local ethnic people do the hard work that is needed. COIN tells us that bringing in people from far away lands to fight does not work, often the locals would end up siding with the bad guys if they share a religion or ethnic make-up. It would be like if Iranian troops came to America to fight anglo saxon christian militants, most likely we would back the bad guys, because we can relate more to our enemy in that case. - Ian Bach)
By Evan Solomon, CBC News
 Posted: Nov 22, 2014 7:00 AM ET Last Updated: Nov 23, 2014 1:29 PM ET
Behind closed doors, Canadian officials are working feverishly to prepare for Canadian jets to strike targets inside Syria, CBC News has learned. 
Sources have told CBC that Canada is close to clearing away “the legal hurdles” that stand in the way of extending the combat mission from Iraq into Syria, should the government decide to expand the mission.
The legal case is critical, because, unlike Iraq, whose government invited Canada and its coalition partners to join the fight against ISIS, Syria under its leader Bashar al-Assad is considered an enemy. The U.S. has laws that allow it to engage in pre-emptive strikes in a sovereign nation, but Canada does not.
"We have, out of necessity, had these discussions with our allies," Justice Minister Peter MacKay told CBC Radio’s The House when asked if preparations are being made to hit ISIS targets in Syria.
"We're operating against an enemy that does not respect any borders,” he said.  

Syrian Christians: 'Help us to stay - stop arming terrorists'

Christianity is being extinguished in the land of its birth and the West is to blame, say Syria's faithful

Outgoing artillery shook St Elias church as the priest reached the end of the Lord's Prayer.
The small congregation kept their eyes on the pulpit, kneeling when required and trying to ignore the regular thuds that rattled the stained glass windows above them.
Home to one of the oldest Christian communities in the world, the hard to reach Syrian agricultural town of Izraa has stood the comings and goings of many empires over the centuries.
But as the country's civil war creeps closer, it is threatening to force the town's Christians into permanent exile: never to return, they fear.
"I have been coming to this church since I was born," said Afaf Azam, 52. "But now the situation is very bad. Everyone is afraid. Jihadists control villages around us."

(* wow these guys at yahoo are always on the wrong side of reality. But it is awesome to see the rebels getting ousted out of Aleppo.
Notice this headline below?.......................Under siege by the Government? I guess that means that the Southeast of America was "under siege" by Abraham Lincolns terrible monstrous army.!!! egad how dumb.)

Aleppo, Syria, could soon be under siege by government troops – Los Angeles Times

Yahoo News UK
Aleppo, Syria, could soon be under siege by government troops
Los Angeles Times
Syrian troops are on the brink of surrounding the rebel-held portion of Aleppo, a major setback for the opposition, which has increasingly found itself on the defensive and losing territory in the war. The outgunned antigovernment fighters are
Echoes of a once famed nightlife in Syria's ravaged Aleppo

Rights group: Coalition airstrikes in Syria killed 900, including women and children

Fred Lambert ALEPPO, Syria, Nov. 22 (UPI) — A Syrian human rights group released a report alleging coalition airstrikes have killed 910 people in the country, with the bulk being Islamic State fighters
(crazy part is the US has guided missiles that cost tons (when they accidentally kill a civilian it's oops sorry. But when Assad uses his air force and they use the cheap version of a guided bomb, which is a brrle bomb. The western media has effectively been depicting Assad and the Syrian military as brutal. But we can also say the USA was brutal in vietnam, during their own civil war, Iraq 2003-2010 Afghanistan 2001-present, Yemen and Omen continous guided missle, Paksitan 2001 - present. I wonder what would happen if the USA started to use guided bombs when they thought there was a terrorist in a house in the USA or Canada? no that prob won't happen. But if the USA had 10s of thousands of militant people trying to overthrow the governemnt I bet they would be fighting for all they are worth also.)