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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Hi all


I should have some time to write this weekend. I was a little distracted after I infiltrated a group in America, Britian, and Australia who think, err.. or state, they are fighting terroism, but the fact is they are doing all the wrong things.

I will be talking about that, and also get into some of the details about how well the surge is going at the moment in Iraq, also related events as well as some personal events. I hope everyone checks out the Audio link of Dennis Miller interview with Michael Yon (see previous post)... Please pass it and the related story in NY Times to all your friends. It is very important that people see how well Iraqi and Americans are working agianst al Qaeda. The biggest problem now is the governemnt and helping to create conditions all iraqi's can agree on. Simple will be best for now. The one area all must work for is working with others, no matter what religion or ethnic group. We are all people. All groups of people have some good and some bad. I know there is many great Iraqi people, and I look foward to the day when I can read history books to my children and someday my grand children, of very brave good Iraqi poeple who did extradonary things and made Iraq a very good nation.

Afghanistan I need to look at again, after reading Michael Yons views on present situation. Al Qaeda and pakistan are a big problem at the moment. But Afghanistan is so rich in history and culture, it is something that I hope will overcome the problems. I know the people can do it. I just hope they know they can do it. But I still stand my ground "we need to legalize the poppies". We have not won a war on drugs in America, so how can we do it in someone else's nation. I think back to an interview I read:

Ahmed Shah Massoud was interviewed by Julie Sirrs of U.S. Defense intelligence. She noted that when she asked massoud about the poppies, he laughed a little......

(ok before you jump to a conclusion why he laughed let me explain. This was Months not years before 9-11. Massoud had already been warning about al Qaeda's plans to attack America to Clinton and then Bush Administrations. Now you have someone from defense intelligence asking about some stupid plants??? plants that have been used by the tribal people since before written history.)

....... then Massoud explained, about the traditional use of the plant in the NE and SW areas in Afghanistan. He also asked if she had seen the prisoners he caught that were al qaeda drug smugglers. He caught the al Qaeda using the National airline in Kabul to smuggle drugs and buy weapons.

I hope you check back and read the articles and I hope they bring some insight, and maybe a wee bit a wisdom, or understanding. - Ian Bach