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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Ocalan brings an end to the 40 year struggle of the PKK in Turkey

Kurds commit to Turkish peace process as PKK leader announces definitive end to '40-year-long armed struggle' with the state

..............Above the jubilant cheers of the hundreds of thousands of Kurds celebrating the festival of Newroz, Kurdish new year, the jailed leader of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) Abudallah Ocalan yesterday called for a definitive end to the “40-year-long armed struggle” against the Turkish state.
As Mr Ocalan’s statement was read to the huge rally, the sun broke through the clouds and the thudding rain eased: even the weather seemed to recognise a momentous occasion. His emphasis on a democratic solution is seen as a pivotal step in a process that many officials from both sides believe is the single most important issue the country faces.
Hillside fires are lit for celebrations marking spring and the new year in Turkey’s Sirnak province last week (AFP)“I see it as historical and necessary to hold a congress to stop the armed struggle which has been carried on by the PKK against the Turkish Republic for nearly 40 years and to determine political and social strategies and tactics which are suitable for a new period,” he said in a two-page letter read out by deputies of the Kurdish People’s Democratic Party (HDP), first in Kurdish and then in Turkish.
Hillside fires are lit for celebrations marking spring and the new year in Turkey’s Sirnak province last week (AFP)
Mr Ocalan called late last month for the PKK leadership to convene an “extraordinary congress in the coming spring months” to make the decision to definitively relinquish the armed fight............

...............Peace efforts
The peace efforts have also revealed tensions between Mr Erdogan, who seeks executive powers as president but does not constitutionally have them, and the government.
In unusually direct criticism, deputy prime minister Bulent Arinc accused Mr Erdogan of being “emotional” and of meddling in government business after he said he did not agree with the establishment of a committee to monitor the peace process, a step agreed with Kurdish politicians.
“It is the government which is running the country,” he told reporters. “The president speaking like this, to the point of criticising our government, may wear out the government.”.................
Pro-Kurdish party seeks breakthrough in Turkey elections

...........The leader of Turkey’s outlawed Kurdish rebels has redoubled his call for an end to armed conflict, as the political party that draws inspiration from him seeks a breakthrough in coming general elections.

The latest appeal from Abdullah Ocalan, the imprisoned leader of the Kurdistan Workers party (PKK), for the PKK to abandon its armed struggle comes as the pro-Kurdish People’s Democratic party attempts to transform itself from an ethnic political grouping into a broader leftwing anti-establishment force................