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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Free Syrian Army (FSA) joins Islamist group Levant Front - Jabhat al-Shamiyya

Hazzm is one of the groups that form the western backed FSA (Free Syrian Army - i.e. "insurgents"). They recently have joined an alliance that includes the "Islamic Front", an Islamist coalition which includes Saudi-backed combatants and other factions. We have een this in the past FSA groups joining al-Nusra and/or ISIS.

Syria has maintain since the start that these were terrorists rebelling, not people who want a secular Syria, instead most wanted an Islamic state with Sunni Arab leadership of the Government, Army and the people. Their idea of a free Syria is something that 90% of all Syrians dread. 

Levant Front - Jabhat al-Shamiyya is a grouping of insurgent factions formed in December in the northern province. Levant Front - Jabhat al-Shamiyya is an alliance of mainly Islamist insurgent factions in Aleppo. Forming the Levant Front was an attempt at unity among factions in Syria that have often fought each other as well as the Syrian army and hardline jihadist groups

Hazzm is also one of ther groups that the U.S. and Saudi Arabia gave TOW anti-tank missle and surface to air anti-plane missles. Both are mobile small and very sophistcated armaments that one to two men can operate and launch. The west may end up being attacked by their own missles if they are not more careful in the future. However McCain in the USA and other politicians and war mongers have already said they have sent over 1,000 troops to train more Syrian fighter. Also they are planing on finding people who they think are okay to use and arming them.