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Friday, September 14, 2007

Petraeus Video Interviews

General David Petraeus

The first link will also lead you to various related video interviews and includes an interview with Petraeus on 3-1-2004

I have been very discouraged and have begun to hate watching Charlie Rose. Mr. Rose has a bleak picture in his view of Iraq and I don't think one interview with Petraeus will change it anytime soon. But I was proud to see General Petraeus's interview and his responses to Charlie's hard hitting questions. I recommend anyone with a pro or con view watch the interview. It should be available online at the above link for a while I hope. No matter what your view is you will learn a lot about the current dynamics and events taking place. Also I think General Petraeus hit all the correct points about Iran that need to be addressed. As I have said before the nuclear program is hindering the financial state and future of Iran. Iran’s economy has seen increasing inflation within the past few years and it is on the verge in some respect of this perhaps becoming a long term problem for Iran. Iran has a large population of young people who will need jobs soon and I think Petraeus has a good take on the problems Iran faces in the near and distant future relative to their actions abroad and inactions at home.


Here is a Video interview with General Petraeus with CBS


Gen. Petraeus Interview

Aug 17, 2007
BY Soldiers Radio and Television

Gail McCabe interviews Gen. David Petraeus.

SRTV's Gail McCabe sits down for an exclusive interview with Gen. David Petraeus, commander of Multi-National Force-Iraq.

Petraeus, Crocker Discuss Iraq Assessment

Army Gen. David Petraeus and U.S. Ambassador Ryan Crocker discuss their Iraq war report, as Democratic leaders call for a speedy troop withdrawal and President Bush prepares to make a prime-time speech Thursday.


More Interviews incoming soon..........