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Monday, June 18, 2007

Iyad Allawi

Sorry the post was so long. It is not in my words. (It is the wikipedia entry) But I hear this is a guy that Iraqi people can trust and he seemed to do a good job but was road blocked many times by the west and UN because of his choices. But the western media also made it seem he was bad. This caused some in Iraqi to not trust him. Al-Qaeda and others also spread these lies and hate to make it seem he was a western puppet. That made problem because the western News gets most of its info from the terrorists and their lies and propaganda.

Which I can see by his action he is not. However he does have understanding of the west since he has lived out of Iraq for many years, mostly because of attempts to kill him.

He is someone that did a good job given the limits the USA and UN put on him. I am still reading more about him, and look forward to hearing about other Iraqi politicians and people that are heroes and want to help Iraq.

Please send me names and stories of other people in Iraq and Afghanistan that the citizens like and trust. The News only shows the bad people and twist truth into lies. So let’s show people all the good citizens and we will make a change.

We need to show good citizens that the media does not talk about. Also we need to show the world that the terrorists can be removed from Iraq and Afghanistan. I believe the people who will get rid of al-Qaeda in Iraq and Afghanistan will be the citizens. They know best how to deal with terrorists and where the terrorists are.