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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Internet scammers and hate mailers

The kid above was of Palestinian decent and lived in Serbia for a while the moved around probably after getting into AL Qaeda. He went to Canada, Briton, various European countries and even the USA where he tried to obtain bomb making materials.

I have heard more and more stories about military or pro Americans supporting the troops from home being harassed. There is no doubt that most are just some dumb angry person with nothing better to do. However the story is much bigger. There is many people living in America who are angry liberals, anti-government, anarchists, and Muslims who know how to wage Internet war. The main attack they have outlined is propaganda and the spreading of lies. I have seen many people and cases of people using false Identifications, often stolen or counterfeited. This is a widespread problem. So before you send a message, comment, instant message, or email be sure who it is you’re communicating with. Check their friend’s lists and their bio info. If no info forget it. Click their friend’s pages to see what they are talking about and where they live and what their likes are. If you get hate mails or other harassment notify your friend and report it. Have friends report it if it happens to them.

One way to avoid the hate mails is do not send hate mail or send comments on pages that you don’t like. Also use ignore when you find someone bad. Also make sure to note the name send it to me so I can add it to a watch list.

Thanks all, god bless, and best wishes,

Ian Bach

Here is a list I have begun on possible fakers who are not in the military and may have alteier motives.

(please note the links, emails, and contact names listed below have not been confirmed as hackers or terrorists. However, to enable our readers to be aware of the possiblity of hate mails or viruses we have chosen to share this knowledge.



List of Liberals (or wanabie ones or fake ids) spreading hate to good people

Suspects and Virus spreaders
we are not sure of persons http addy yet but im hunting wabbits hehe. -------If someone calling emselves "Ashley Marc James" wants to add you to their list dont accept it. Its a virus. Tell everyone on your list because if somebody on your list adds them you will get it too. It is a hard drive killer.

Suspect hacker. Ashley Marc James suspected Email Below (please dont email this guy or you give your computer ID away and will likely be hacked)

google name
This is the name of the photo album

hoanggiason - another suspect fakers pics...
more to come....

Here is a list of bad weeb yahoo 360 users (well bad in my view)

Link below is to one of the Blogs by James he has a science blog and a politics blog. Both have some really uniformed theories. He thinks tthe war is about oil. He wants to impeach bush. and some of his science ideas are about as smart as a rat in a maze. He promotes people to send letters / emails to congres and senate. These email templayes he haas people send would make Taliban and al-Qaeda proud. He plays into the propaganda and lies of terrorists and is so unamerican it makes me sick. He wants to impeach Bush and is using a lot of lies (lies originaly created by terorist but some dumb people still believe these lies) to encourage people to send emails to congress and senators to impeach bush also to stop wirer tapping. His name is James?? hmm could it be the Ashley marc james Dude?? I dono...

If he is in your group I would delete him. he also has another ID one is science (laughs - this guy is no scientist) other is politics (total liberal or a terrorist or anarchist?) be sure and stay safe. read the blogs of people in your group and read them as often as you can. Be sure you know who your friends are.